Ready to Lay Hens
Ready to Lay Hens

Ready to Lay Hens

$ 15.00

Looking to start your own sustainable back yard chicken flock or pasture egg operation?We have 17 week old ready to lay pullets. Birds are vaccinated and beak trimmed. They will produce eggs a few weeks after you pick them up. Sustained production with months over 90% are normal, producing 270-300 a year. A mature layer weighs 4.75 - 5.0 lbs. and is very docile, making it the ideal layer for small family farm flocks as well as large commercial operations

Quantity        Pricing per bird

  1-14             $15.00

 15-49            $12.00

 50-99            $10.00

100-249         $ 8.50

250-499         $ 7.50

500-more       $ 7.25

Please call to place your order (260)-760-1716


Hens will be available for pickup in Roanoke, IN at Seven Sons Farms during the month of September 2017.