History of HenGear

7 Brothers, 4 Generations, 20+ Years Farming

HenGear sprouted from Seven Sons Farms, rooted in Roanoke, IN.

Founded in 2000 by Lee & Beth Hitzfield and their seven sons, our farm embraces a simple yet impactful mission: to cultivate nutrient-dense foods that replenish the land and sustain those who enjoy its abundance.

Alongside pastured laying hens, Seven Sons offers an extensive range of products, including pastured pork, poultry, grass-fed beef, bison, and more, all conveniently accessible through our farms website.

Hatching A Life Long Goal

In 2010, I took over the management of our family farm's poultry operations and quickly recognized the need for a nest box that would keep our eggs safe and clean.

With the help of my brothers, I began developing my initial prototype in 2011.

Since then, I've been collaborating with customers worldwide, both large and small, to create innovative poultry equipment that saves time and money.

Innovation Out of Frustration

Our products were developed out of necessity. We struggled daily collecting dirty, broken eggs, and the inconvenience of daily opening the nest box.

Nest Boxes

We've seen all the DIY YouTube videos. They still weren't as good as ours.

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Auto Roost 2.0

Rest assured, your nest box will be open and ready for your hens to start laying first thing in the morning.

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Nest Box Pads

Our goal is for you to collect clean eggs daily, and straw or wire floors simply don't cut it.

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