About us

The Roots

HenGear was founded as an outgrowth of Seven Sons Farms, located in Roanoke, IN. The farm was established in 2000 by Lee & Beth Hitzfield, along with their seven sons. Our mission is simple; to produce nutrient dense foods that heal and nourish the land and those who eat of its bounty. Alongside pastured laying hens, Seven Sons produces and direct markets pastured pork, poultry, grass-fed beef, bison and more. Visit the online store at https://sevensons.net.
The Design
The laying hen side of our operation started in 2006 and the inefficiencies of traditional nesting boxes were quickly discovered that same startup year! We promptly made it our goal to find a box that would reduce the number of dirty and cracked eggs, while also maintaining a sturdy and lightweight construction. This spawned our own in-house, rollout design that is proving effective for diverse sized farms and homesteads across the US. These boxes not only save time and headache for the washing and gathering process, but a few steps before and between as well.