Other Tips:

  • Get rid of the old nesting box.
  • Place the new nest box on the coop floor.
  • Make sure the nest box is in the darkest part of the coop.
  • Fill up the nest box with lots of straw or wood shavings.
  • Keep the red curtains open using either magnets or tape.
  • Close off the tray where eggs are usually collected so they gather up in the nest box.
  • Put either fake or real eggs in the nest box after closing off the tray.
  • Keep your hens inside the coop until they finish laying their eggs in the morning.
  • If you see a hen trying to lay in the wrong place, gently put her in the nest box and lift the roost bar until she is finished.
  • Add extra light in the darker spots of the coop because hens like to lay in shady areas.
  • If you find eggs in the wrong spot, move them to the nest box right away. We don't want the other hens seeing and copying bad habits!
  • Put the bedding from the old nest box into their new one for that familiar touch.
  • Block off any areas where eggs shouldn't be laid.

Remember, these tips are just temporary. Once your hens get the hang of laying eggs in the nest box, you can retire these tricks.

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