Solar Lighting Kit
Solar Lighting Kit
Solar Lighting Kit

Solar Lighting Kit

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We all have experienced great egg lay rates during the long summer days but we are then met with a sharp decline leading into the winter months. This is due from less daylight during the winter season.

Laying hens without a consistent light source can see egg production decrease by up to 50% throughout the winter season. Even worse your flock could possibly go into a molt, halting almost all egg production! This is why light for your hens is a MUST for sustaining egg production all year around!


With our (green house) style Portable Chicken Houses this Solar Lighting Kit is designed to give up to 16 hours of combined natural sunlight & solar powered light within a given day.

The Solar Lighting Kit can run up to 5 LED light bulbs at once on a 12v battery bank for the (off grid) summer pasture rotations. It can also be easily switched to 120v.

During the shorter winter days, solar lighting output capabilities can vary depending upon prolonged cloudy weather conditions. It is recommended to keep your Portable Chicken House near a 120v AC power source during the stationary winter months.

Here's what you get in your Kit:

  • Optimally-Sized Panel 
  • Charge Controller
  • AC & DC Programmable Timers
  • AC & DC LED light bulbs
  • 50 ft Stringer Lighting Kit
  • Solar panel mounting bracket
  • Simple Step by Step Video Tutorial (Coming Soon)
  • Email/Phone Support incase you have questions

Battery bank should be purchased separately.

    • Due to shipping cost, battery bank is NOT included. We suggest getting two 6v 200Ah+ Deep Cycle Batteries (wired in series) from your local auto/hardware store.  


COMING SOON - Instructional video link included with purchase!

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