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Solar IntelliShock® 120 Energizer

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High-output solar powered 1.2 joule energizer. Portable all-in-one unit arrives ready to power electric fence or netting.

IntelliShock® electric fence chargers are able to reduce energy demand when the fence’s voltage is high–due to fewer weeds touching the fence. This occurs in fall and winter for most fences and occurs all year for some horse, cattle and deer fences. As a result, an IntelliShock unit’s battery is more likely to remain charged through the low sunlight days of autumn and winter.


Common Uses

A solar powered electric fence energizer used to keep in poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, and guard dogs. Effective at protecting against coyotes, stray dogs, bear and fox. It is also used to keep out deer, raccoons, skunks and rabbits from garden/orchard areas.

Solar powered energizers are a popular choice when 110V power is not easily accessible. Attached solar panel will recharge the batteries on sunny days.

  • New for 2020! External 110V adapter port for faster plug-in connections for recharging.
  • Solar panel is easy to adjust for seasonal light availability.
  • Easily accessible fence and ground terminals. Fence and ground wiring harness included.
  • ​External 110V port allows the energizer to be operated without a battery and plugged into a 110V power source.
  • Large capacity batteries for increased life during long periods with low sunlight.
  • Features a 20 watt solar panel for optimal performance in Northern locations.
  • Highly visible on/off light with low battery indicator.
  • Won’t rust. Made from durable UV-treated polycarbonate.


  • 1.2 joule fence energizer
  • (2) 12V 12Ah sealed lead acid batteries
  • Wiring harness
  • IntelliShock 120 includes a 10 watt solar panel and IntelliShock 120X includes a 20 watt solar panel; both with preset tilt angles
  • Overcharge regulator
  • 110V battery recharger
  • 18 inch "T" ground rod, galvanized
  • UV-treated, polycarbonate case with red handle



  • 1.50 stored joules
  • 1.20 output joules



  • Draw from a 12V battery is 28-104 milliampere (mA) per hour, depending on weed load.
  • 40 pulses per minute.
  • When properly used or stored, the batteries should last 3-4 years. (Assumes maximum 40% draw down on battery.)


 Should power

  • 6-10 rolls of electric netting depending on soil conditions and vegetation.
  • 2 miles of 3 strand cattle fence.
  • 3/4 mile of 5-7 strand sheep fence.