Large (48") - Reversible Rollout Nest Box (Up to 45 Hens) - Premium Grade - Accepting backorders

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Due to high order volumes, we are only accepting backorders on this size - Estimated ship date is February 15th.

 HenGear nest boxes were specifically designed to keep your eggs unbroken and clean of dirt and manure. Our slightly angled floors are covered with a removable grass-like cushion that allows a freshly laid egg to roll safely into a separate collection compartment, away from your hens.

  • Reversible - Our nest boxes give you the option of mounting your egg collection tray either to the front or rear of the nest.

  • Hinged "Back" - When assembled as a rear rollout, this exclusive feature allows you to fully service your nest box from outside your coop. For example, you can collect eggs, remove the nest pad, exclude hens, lift the roost bar, and even latch our optional Roost Opener all without having to enter your coop. 

  • Full-Size Nest Pads (NXT V5.2) -  All our nest boxes include a removable grass-like pad that will keep your eggs safe and attracts your hens to the nest. HenGear pads are also designed to prevent those notorious dust lines that stick to your eggs (caused by eggs rolling onto wire flooring).

  • Roost Bar Excluder - Hens will make a manure mess of your nest pad by sleeping in the box overnight. You can prevent this by simply lifting the hinged roost bar (in the afternoon after egg collection) to exclude hens for the night.

  • Collection Tray Curtain - Your eggs will be kept safe and hidden from determined egg-eating hens by our exclusive black curtain that separates the collection tray from the nesting area. 

  • Wall Hangers - Our quick-attach hangers allow for quick and easy mounting of your nest box. Order a second hanger set for quick and easy transportation of your nest boxes from summer to winter housing.

  • Privacy Curtain - Our new red curtain not only attracts hens to the nest (chickens are attracted to the color red) but our updated exclusive 5 in-wide cutouts make it easier for hens to enter the nest vs our older v-cut design.

    - Dimensions - 48"L X 20"T X 19.5"W
    - Weight - 43 lbs
    - Manufactured using both high-precision hand-craftsmanship and laser CNC machining technology. 


    1. Trainer Egg
    1. Brown Nest Pad (NXT V5.2)
    1. Quick Attach Wall Hanger (Set)

    Frequently asked questions

    Typically hens will have no issues figuring out how to use their new nest box

    However, you can try these 4 temporary tricks if your hens do need some encouragement:

    • Lower the nest box to a couple inches off the ground.
    • Put a little bit of straw and/or wood shavings on top of the nest pad. 
    • Tape open/up the red curtains.
    • Place a fake egg inside the nest box. 

    Combining all 4 of these tips for 1-2 weeks will usually resolve the issue. Take an additional week to slowly remove the straw, lower the curtain, and raising the nest off the ground.

    Yes, we sure do! Just enter your address at checkout to see your shipping cost.

    Yes, your nest box will include everything you need such as:

    1. Nest Pad

    1. Hanger Set (for securing to wall)

    1. Wooden Trainer Egg

    Yes, you absolutely can double stack your nesting boxes. Many of our customers do this. 

    We recommend mounting your nest box roughly 30” off your coop floor.

    Shipping cost is calculated at checkout after entering your full shipping address.

    We do offer free shipping on some of our nest box assesories - the will be clearly stated in the products description.

    Please email to receive a freight quote for our chicken coops.

    Unless on backorder, our nest boxes typically ship within 24hrs of ordering.