Roost Opener (Battery Powered)
Roost Opener (Battery Powered)
Roost Opener (Battery Powered)
Roost Opener (Battery Powered)

Roost Opener (Battery Powered)

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Tired of heading out early each morning just to lower the roost bar on your nest box? We can help you save time and labor cost with our Automatic Nest Box Motor.

Our nest boxes come standard with a hinged roost bar so the hens can be closed out overnight. This helps keeps your nest box sanitary and free of chicken manure.

But who wants to get up early just to open the roost bar before the hens starts laying?

Finally the process of lowering your roost bar can be done automatically with our affordable Roost Bar Actuator!

How it works: Simply set the time you would like your hens to have access to the nest box. Latch the roost bar shut after egg gathering. At the preset time, the motor will unlatch the roost bar and be lowered by a spring.

Works for both front and rear rollout configurations.


Requires 8. AA batteries (not included)

Shipped within 7 days.

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