Frequently Asked Questions

See our recommended nest box capacity below:

Up to 20 Hens - Small Nest Box

Up to 32 Hens - Medium Nest Box

Up to 45 Hens - Large Nest Box

Up to 75 Hens - X-Large Nest Box

Hens typically have no difficulty learning how to use the nest box and will take to it quickly. However, in rare cases, these four tips might need to be implemented: 

1. Lower the nest box to the floor. 

2. Add ample straw/wood shavings to the nest pad.

3. Tape open the red curtain.

4. Place a fake or real egg in the nest box.

It's essential to combine all four tips for two weeks, so that they'll become more accustomed to the nest box. Afterwards, take another week to carefully decrease the straw, open the curtains, and raise the nest box, allowing your hens to gradually adjust.

Click here to a video of how we combine these 4 tips. 

We recommend budgeting at least 30 minutes - 1 hour of your time to fully assemble your nest box👍

We recommend mounting your nest box roughly 30” off your coop floor.

Yes, your nest box will include everything you need such as:

1. Nest Pad

1. Hanger Set (for securing to wall)

1. Predator Locks (For Rear Rollout Configuration)

Yes, you absolutely can double stack your nesting boxes. Many of our customers doing this without issue. However, for larger operation (1,000 hens or more) we’ve heard of flocks choosing to lay in either the top or lower nest box (which can create over-crowding in either the top or lower nest). But for smaller flocks you shouldn’t have any issues.

This chart shows what dimensions to cutout for rear rollout! Click here for chart!

All HenGear nest boxes are a "Community Design" meaning there are no divider walls (aka holes) that you see in other nest box brands. In divided nest, hens will often try to occupy nest holes that are already occupied with another hen, causing stressful overcrowding issues and forcing hens out to lay on the floor.

Thankfully in a Community Nest Box, there is enough room for multiple hens to lay their eggs stress-free at the same time👍

All HenGear nest boxes are considered a “Community Style”. Which means there are no dividers walls (aka holes) that you would usually see in traditional nests boxes (such as 2 hole, 4 hole, and 8 hole nest). Traditional divider walls are sadly outdated, because hens love to occupy nest holes that are already occupied with other hens. This can lead to hens overcrowding each other out of their individual nest holes. Overcrowding causes unnecessary stress and can even lead to injury to your chickens. 

Thankfully a community style nest box, by simply eliminating the traditional divider walls, drastically reduces the chance of overcrowding occurring.

Making sure the hens are not sleeping in the nest box overnight by daily raising the red roost bar after collecting is a good way to make the nest pad clean. By doing this, you should only need to clean the nest pad about every 2 months.

Clean your nest pad by soaking it in a small tub of hot water with soap for one hour. Remove and water-spray clean before returning to your nest box.   

Our HenGear nest pads if properly cleaned and taken care of should last several years and even come with a 42 month limited warranty. If your pad is starting to spilt please contact the manufacture to make a warranty claim.

You can keep your eggs from freezing with one of our electric Heat Mats! They can raise the temperature inside the collection tray up to 20 degrees F. Click here to order!

Unfortunately, we do not make custom Nest Boxes. However, we would love to hear any suggestions on how we could improve our Nest Boxes! Email us at

Unfortunately, our Heat Mat does not support solar power at this time. 

Yes, all Nest Boxes come with their own set of Predator Locks.

Now that we include predator locks with every nest box the magnet is no longer required. Therefore we no longer inlcude a magnet👍

Returns Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.Buyer pays for return shipping.

We typically ship within 24 hours. We ship Mon-Fri.

Yes, we do!

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All products are proudly manufactured in the USA, meaning no import duties for our Canadian customers

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Auto Roost ship in 24 hours!

Click Here for Nest Box Manual

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Click Here for Predator Lock Manual

Watch this video to learn how to replace your AutoRoost Magnet!

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